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One of the worlds greatest indoor activites, perfect for friends, family and companies. Now available in Stockholm.

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Our Rooms

Our Rooms

The Cover Up

Location: Unknown

Whilst working on exposing the Swedish Royal family, an author is found murdered in his study. As rumours surface that one last copy of his work exists in a secret hideout, the race is on...

Who will restore justice, and find The Last Manuscript?

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The Cover Up

Stockholm, 1986

The Swedish Prime Minister has been assasinated. The only suspect has mysteriously disappeared from his cell, to the amazement of everyone. Now we need your help.

An entire nation is depending on you...

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The Break in

Stockholm, 2015

Wanted by the police and on the run, it is time to get your team together for one last, big heist. But what starts as an ordinary break-in becomes something else entirely, and time is ticking...

Now are you going to get caught? Or are you going to get paid?

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A spectacular Real-Life
Escape Room Experience

Escape Stories is Stockholms most original and exciting new entertainment experience!

Escape Stories Stockholm is a fun, interactive Room Escape game set in the heart of Stockholm City. While you start off in what seems as an ordinary room, it is in fact a mystery puzzle.

No special skills neede, just solve the puzzles,uncover the hidden objects and figure out the clues in order to escape. You have 60 minutes, so use teamwork, good communication and be quick!

Gather your friends, family or coworkers, and prepare for a great time.


Book one of our games online

Gather a team of 2-6 players

Get locked in - you have 60 minutes to get out

Save the day using your wits, logic and teamwork!


Family and Friends

The best way for family and friends to spend quality time together.

Tourists and Explorers

Play one of our games and join countless others that agree this was the highlight of their holiday.

Corporate Events and Teambuilding

If your company needs a fresh, fun activity that promotes communication, problemsolving and teamwork, look no further.

Gamers and Competitors

Got a competitive streak? Like thinking outside the box? Instead of watching heroes on the screen, YOU can be the hero.


Times with dark grey background are 375 kr / person for 2 players, and 300 kr / person for 3 - 6 players
Times with light blue marking are 375 kr / person for 2 players, and 250 kr / person for 3 - 6 players
The Cover Up
The Last Manuscript
The Break In

Select number of players (2-6 Persons)
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Escapes Stories gift cards are the perfect surprise for friends, family, colleauges and partners. You can order by emailing us at or clicking on the button below


Portfolio 1

The first half of the birthday crew! Became agents with a great mission! Great job agents!

Portfolio 1

Oh no, they got locked up! Escape time!

Portfolio 1

They escaped with greatness and style! Great job detectives!

Portfolio 1

The other half of the birthday crew became detectives. Little did we know how great of a detectives they would become! Great job!

Portfolio 1

Their team work was strong! So nice to see you guys again, your are officially detectives of Escape stories!

Portfolio 1

Great Escapes By Brother & Sister. Great teamwork guys!

Portfolio 1

Agents inside the cover-up, it's only with a smile like theirs you can uncover the secrets!

Portfolio 1

Agents inside the cover-up, it's only with a smile like theirs you can uncover the secrets!

Portfolio 1

Springworks AB stopped by for a night of team building. Little did they know that one of their groups would take the record of the manuscript on their own. So much fun having you here, until next time!

Portfolio 1

They came to escape with great style ! A pleausure having you guys here, great job!

Portfolio 1

They accepted our challenge! Great job team!

Portfolio 1

Our youngest detective, Rebecca with Bella and Peter did excellent in the manuscript! Great having you here team!

Our Team

Amazing Rooms are just part of the puzzle. Great customer service is key, and our Game Masters are here to guarantee that your experience is an unforgettable one.

Team Member

Strict but fair to all teams, our GameMaster and Manager Melody is here to make sure everyone has an amazing time whilst visiting us

Miss Melody

aka ClueQueen

Team Member

Creative and thorough, you will see that GameMaster Fredrik has earned the nickname


aka Mister Fox

Team Member

Calm and calculated, GameMaster Meron is a shining example of how your experience is the most important of all our keys here at Escape Stories


aka The Time Keeper

Team Member

As elusive as his picture suggests, our mystery man Patrik believes just like the rest of us that your team having a great time is the most important code to crack


aka Babyface


We currently have three rooms, If you are in doubt as to which one to choose, we can tell you that the feedback on the roomsso far has been equally excellent and it is hard to determine beforehand which one will be your favourite. We are confident you will have an amazing time no matter which one you choose!
The rooms are neither tiny nor big, and beyond that we can't give away much to keep the mystery! Claustrophobic people have been playing Escape Stories without any problems, but our Game Masters are always ready to intervene in case any problems arise!
The rooms are neither tiny nor big, and beyond that we can?t give away much to keep the mystery! Claustrophobic people have been playing Escape Stories without any problems, but our Game Mastersare always ready to intervene in case any problems arise!
Our game rooms are designed with 2 - 6 players in mind. 18 players can play 3 rooms at once.
It is not ideal, but we have had teams of 6 people playing the same room and loving it. We recommend a maximum of five, or booking two rooms and playing in two teams of three. We cannot guarantee the experience in the same way, but as long as you are aware of that and the fact that we have to charge for 6 people we are fine with that.
No worries! What we usually do is that eighteen participants head to one of our nearby bars or restaurants or hang out in our spacious lobby while the others play both our rooms, and then we shift. It works great and time flies both in anticipation of the game as well as afterward as teams sit down and share their experience. Contact us and we will help you out with the booking and organization of the event.
Absolutely, our escape rooms are designed with this in mind above anything else. During the game, the team playing need to assign their own roles & responsibilities in a fun way while indirectly practicing both individual & team thinking. Teamwork, cooperation and communication are the keys to solving the game in under 60 minutes.
Contact us, and we?ll help you out. 18 players can easily play three rooms at the same time. There are several options available where teams can rotate the games - we are used to handling large groups. You can either fill out the info sheet at the bottom of the website, email us directly at or call us on 08 - 121 555 60.
As a rule, we think it is best that you book beforehand. If you are aroud and want to take a chance, you are by all means welcome but we generally recommmend prior bookings to avoid disappointment.
You book right here on the website. If you have any questions or need help with anyhting, contact us and we will be more than happy to help. After the booking, you will receive a confirmation email and then we will see you on the day of your game!
No problems, but we would like it if you let us know as soon as possible. Please contact us via either email on or via the contact sheet at the bottom of the page. All this info will also be included in your confirmation email.
Of course! Contact us or come by and we will arrange that for you.
It is 750 SEK for 2 - 3 players, 1000 SEK for 4 players, 1250 SEK for 5 players and 1500 SEK for 6 players.
We are open Monday to Friday, 12:00 until 22:00, and Saturday and Sundays from 9.00 until 22:00. The last bookable games is 21:00.
You should arrive ten minutes prior to your booking time. The whole experience will take roughly 90 minutes which includes going through the rules, an intro to the story, the games itself, a debrief afterwards and taking some pictures of the team.
Right in the heart of Stockholm City on Vasagatan 27. We have a huge sign outside so you can?t miss us. Nearest subway is either H?torget or T-Centralen, and there are plenty of bars and restaurants around to spend time at before or after your visit.

Contact Us!

Escape Stories

VASAGATAN 27 Stockholm

  • 08 - 121 555 60
  • Monday - Friday: 12:00 - 22:00
  • Saturday - Sunday: 09:00 - 22:00